Benefits of Refrigeration Night Covers

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Save energy with supermarket refrigeration blind

Supermarket refrigeration blind is a safety cover for open-face displays used for showcasing climate sensitive and perishable items that require specific temperature for long lasting.

Every supermarket needs refrigeration covers

Retailers rely on high-value refrigerators that are big cooling machines used for keeping goods stored in open-face displays cool. And they work well but at a high-cost. They consume much energy. While it is mandatory to keep the displays open during business hour, it isn’t profitable to keep them open when the store is shut.

Energy saving commercial refrigeration blind is for the time when the store is shut for business. It is profitable to cover the displays during night time and weekly holidays. Covering displays will keep the stored goods cool for a fairly long time and it will have a very positive impact on the functioning of the refrigeration system.

Display covers reduce energy expenditure

Perhaps it is the biggest benefit of display covers. When covered, a display turns into a refrigerator capable of storing goods at their optimum temperature. The cover prevents evaporation and, in this way, removes unnecessary pressure from refrigeration units. It will cut your energy bill drastically saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Save perishable items

Supermarket refrigeration blind can save perishable items from technical glitches a cooling system can develop. Open-case displays require refrigeration 24×7 but it is better to covert them into closed-door refrigerators by using display covers. If the cooling system fails even for a short time, it could trigger rotting of the stored goods.

If your cooling system fails in the day, you can take necessary action to save the perishable items but if it happens at night then you will have to bear the cost of failure of the cooling system and this cost could be in hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Use display blinds

Available in different sizes from smallest to largest, the display covers are just perfect for every need. Also, you can ask for customized displays according to the size of your showcases. In this way, you will get covers of the right fitting and sizes.

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It isn’t profitable to keep the refrigerated displays open during night time. Also, it will be risking the perishable goods. But there is little need to keep the displays open when you can use energy saving commercial refrigeration blind. With these covers, you can increase power and functionality of your cooling system.

Stabilize Refrigerated Display Case Temperatures

Achieve greater refrigeration efficiency

Supermarket refrigeration cover for retail stores

Supermarket refrigeration cover are used for the time when the stores are shut like night and during holidays. Made of a special fabric, these covers can keep the stored goods at their optimum temperature to increase their shelf life.

Availability of display covers

Available in different sizes from 4 foot to 8 foot and bigger, these covers are simply the best for retail stores that sell perishable goods including milk-based products, dairy supply, poultry and non-vegetarian items. Any food item or material that requires temperature lower than the room temperature is kept in refrigerated displays with open-fronts for ease of shopping.

A refrigerated display case is helpful in retail business as it allows hassle-free access to stored goods but it is good only for business hours that is the time when shoppers are in the market. The same display becomes a cause of worry once the stores are shut for business. Since the goods still remained open, they keep consuming energy without giving any profit.

Functionality of covers

Made of woven aluminum fabric, these covers work like a protective shield on the open case displays. Once the displays are covered, the aluminum fabric transforms the showcases into closed door refrigerators suitable for keeping perishable goods for a long time. Its advantage is that it keeps the refrigeration free from pressure and reduce the energy consumption in the long run.

Functionality of a refrigeration cover largely depends on its built and fitting. Refrigerated displays have to be covered from corner to corner leaving no room for the cooling to evaporate. Also, quality of the fabric used for making the cover is of importance. But the good thing is that the covers are available in customized designs to suit individual needs.

Using covers

Roll the covers down on displays before shutting the store and make sure that every display is properly covered with the refrigeration sheet. Once the job is done, it is time to down the shutter of the store. The cover will keep the stored goods in their optimum temperature for a long time so that there is ample time to up the shutter of the store and make necessary arrangements.

Power Outage Protection for Supermarket Refrigerated Display Cases

When the power goes out…

Commercial refrigeration cover for commercial establishments

Supermarket refrigeration shield is a protective covering for open-face display units used for showcasing perishable goods to buyers. The open front allows hassle-free access to goods and refrigeration keeps the stored items cool to the optimum temperature.

Covering open front displays becomes necessary during the closed hours. When a store is shut, there is little need to leave the displays open as it will only result increase in energy consumption. The open front will allow evaporation of the cooling effect and the refrigeration unit will have to work harder to keep the stored goods cool.

Advantage of covering displays

Using commercial refrigeration cover has dual effects on goods stored as well as the cooling machine. Covering perishable items keeps them cool for a long time. Also, it keeps the cooling machine free from the pressure of cooling open displays. Open frond displays consume more energy in comparison to the closed-door refrigerators.

Open front allows evaporation of the cooling effect resulting in increased demand for cooling that puts unnecessary pressure on the cooling machine. But it is necessary to keep the displays open in the day to help buyers in shopping around. But the displays can be covered during night when the store is shut.

Choosing display cover of right size

Supermarket refrigeration shield is a protective covering made of aluminum fabric suitable for covering open front displays. And it is available in every size from smallest to largest. Also, it can be customized to cover special displays. The objective of covering is to prevent evaporation of cooling effect and reduce burden from the cooling machine.

Using covers in the right way

Since the objective is to prevent loss of cooling, a cover has to set perfectly on a display unit. A right size cover will fit all corners on a display and in this way keep the stored goods safe from coming into contact with outside temperature.

A commercial refrigeration cover will turn a display unit into a refrigerator until the display is uncovered. And this foldable metal sheet can be rolled up when the display is opened and pulled down to cover the stored goods. Made for hassle-free use, a display cover can easily be rolled up and down according to need.

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