Refrigeration Covers The Superior Cover

Comparing Other Covers On The Market

Refrigeration Covers are designed by engineers after studying the design and functionality of cooling display units. These covers excel in quality specifications for usage by retail industry. Made with woven aluminum fabric, these nigh covers are highly efficient and durable. They make a thermal barrier for refrigeration units to allow them to work in normal conditions.

Refrigeration Covers are food safe and they come with a thin clear film for ease of cleaning. Also, they have tiny perforations that prevent humid conditions that could lead to buildup of mildew on the food items. Also, the store staff can easily clean the thermal covers to keep them free from dust and other foreign particles.

True Cost Of Ownership

Weighing The Price And Benefits Against The Refrigeration Cover Design

High quality and durable Refrigeration Covers give huge returns on investment and it is the most significant factor that makes it different from others.

When you make an opinion on night covers, you should keep the expected return on investment in mind.

Consider the following factors when making a purchase decision of night covers

• Aluminum for making woven fabric
• Free from chemicals/pesticides
• Durable
• Modular design with proven reliability
• Permanent fixture

Woven aluminum fabric: The metal foil used for weaving fabric comes laminated with a Polyethersulfone backing that add to its strength. To meet UL94HB requirements, the fabric is sealed with polyethylene clear coat. Thus made, the night covers can prevent dust and fine particles from entering the display cases. Also, they become washable to keep the surface clean.

Perforated to the exacting standards, the night covers are capable of preventing accumulation of dew that can lead to development of germs and bacteria on the food particles. Also, the thermal covers have reinforced edges to withstand functional wear and tear.

Free from chemicals/pesticides: Only safe materials are used In Refrigeration Covers so that they remain safe for the food items and grocery products.

Durable: Use of hydraulic braking system in night covers guarantees durability as it prevents misalignment and fabric fraying due to friction while the covers are rolled up and down the display units.

The thicker gauge steel and spring mechanism provides more durability to the night covers by allowing them to continue working even after thousand retractions. Failure of spring mechanism could render night covers useless. But it doesn’t happen to our high-quality thermal covers.

Refrigeration Covers promise high quality products with proven reliability and durability. Modular components used in night covers are repairable and can be replaced at an affordable price. It is only after putting night covers that you can make most of your display cabinets. But inferior quality night covers are likely to end up in dump and add to your losses.

Permanent Fixture: Refrigeration Covers are surface mounted using high-caliber mounting brackets. And they can be set both inside and outside of the display units. Also, the night covers can easily be uninstalled and re-installed according to needs. This feature makes the night covers reusable. You can use and reuse the night covers again and again.

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