Refrigeration Covers Provides An Overnight Solution With Daytime

Impact For refrigeration Covers Merchandisers

Covering refrigerated display cabinets with insulated night covers is a great way to reduce energy demand during non-business hours like night time. Also, night covers will save the displayed goods from power outages that can spoil the temperature sensitive foods and grocery items.

Goods kept in a stabilized temperature can remain cool even after 15 hours after they are exposed to the room temperature that is after the covers on the displays have been rolled up. In quality testing, the covered displays saved from 37% to 50% energy and the trim loss is reduced by 75%.

Lower Your Energy Costs With Refrigeration Covers

Saving Money On Costly Refrigeration Expenses

Open design of display cases makes them susceptible to temperature fluctuations due to forced air supply from outside. And it is harmful for stored goods.

The open design displays can be converted into closed door refrigerators with night covers that can prevent the forced air from entering the cooling displays. Retailers have reported energy saving with night covers from 37% to 50%.

Utility companies encourage retailers to use energy saving ways by giving tax benefits. Refrigeration covers as energy saving equipment are recognized by both the utility companies and governments. Many retailers have received tax benefits for using night covers.

Many of our Refrigeration Covers customers have reported huge profits in energy and tax benefits by utility companies.

Refrigeration covers Lower Utility Bills And Operating Costs

Refrigeration Covers Retrofit And OEM Refrigeration covers Products Generate Savings Every Day

With refrigeration covers, food vendors and retailers can cut their energy bills considerably and also increase the efficiency of their refrigerated cabinet displays. Reduced trim waste is an added advantage of night covers.

Covered display units require less refrigeration and fewer defrost cycles. The cabinets remain more stable and product temperature remain optimal even after the displays are uncovered.

Together the reduced need for refrigeration and improved shelf life of products give benefits in the form of energy savings and profit in sales in the long run.

Covering and uncovering refrigerated displays is a quick operation that requires little training and experience.

Refrigeration Covers increase efficiency of display units and shelf life of dairy products and other climate sensitive goods and the benefits are reflected in monthly savings and profit.

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