The Unique Functions Of A refrigeration Cover

Evolution Of A Thermal Night Curtain

The open design refrigerated display units build an air curtain to prevent evaporation of the cool air to the room temperature. This air curtain keeps the cooling circulating within the boundaries of the display units.

The air curtain built inside the display cabinets provide little help in keeping the cooling circulating in the displays resulting in unnecessary load on the refrigeration units that have to work harder to keep the displays cool.

The refrigeration units keep working all the time including night time and close hours. Cooling has to be provided otherwise the displays will become hotter and spoil the stored goods. Without night cover, a display will show variations in temperature in different sections and this variation will result in increased trim waste. Sensitive food items will perish first and need to be replaced with fresh ones. And it will happen every morning.

A Refrigeration Cover Is Born

Retailers Search For A Solution To Wilting Stock

The first Refrigeration Covers were made of vinyl strips that provided little relief in solving the display case issues related to energy saving and trim waste. But they were in use. Soon the retailers start looking for more user-friendly options.

After much research and development, the Refrigeration Cover that was capable of keeping displays cool for a long time even without refrigeration was born. It created a thermal barrier between display units and room temperature that was always higher than the temperature of the display cabinets. The new Refrigeration Cover provided the cover that retailers needed for their display units. The new cover could reduce energy consumption and increase shelf life of displayed products.

Naming A Refrigeration Cover

The Many Names Of A Refrigeration Cover

Retailers call Refrigeration Covers with different names according to their uses. For example, they are called thermal sheets because they keep the displays free from room temperature. They are also called night blinds as they are used during night when the stores are shut for business. Retailers also refer Refrigeration Covers as thermal shields and insulating refrigerated display.

Rising prices of energy kept the demand for Refrigeration Covers escalating but new designs have to be evolved in order to meet individual needs of retailers. An ideal display cover is one that can keep the energy cost down and increase the shelf life of displayed goods. When you look at Refrigeration Covers, you should expect energy and product savings to thousands of dollars.

Benefits of using Refrigeration Covers are recognized by utility companies that offer tax benefits to retailers in order to encourage them to use Refrigeration Covers.