Insulating Store Refrigeration Cases

Protecting Perishable Fresh Foods For Extended Shelf Life

Goods stored in refrigerated display units get continuous beating by ambient light and hot air from the room temperature. Their shelf life is shortened and nutritional value compromised in display units.

Every morning the displayed items require rotation because of temperature variations in different sections of display units. The fresh ones are brought to the fore and those showing signs of exhaustion are removed from the shelves. And every product removed adds to the trim waste. But this cost can be saved with the help of refrigeration covers.

Retail stores can increase their efficiency, output and profit by covering their refrigerated displays with refrigeration covers that can cut energy consumption and increase shelf life of products.

Saving Money, Time And Product

An Investment That Makes A Difference

Using refrigeration coverss have two benefits. First, it prevents the stored products from coming into contact with outside temperature and foreign elements. And second, it increases the shelf life of sensitive goods that can spoil in room temperature.

With refrigeration coverss, you can keep perishable goods safe for a long time. Covering displays will reduce melting of dairy products due to temperature fluctuations. The refrigeration coverss will increase shelf life of products and retain their taste and nutritional value.

Refrigeration Covers are a good choice for retail stores and food vending units. They can increase efficiency of refrigerated displays and prevents sensitive items from spoiling. Buying refrigeration coverss will be a good investment for retail stores.

Refrigeration Cover advantages

• Additional protection to perishable goods from power outages
• Keep display units cool with stable temperature good for sensitive goods
• Scores high on food safety initiatives
• Makes refrigerated displays more efficient by reducing maintenance cost

Refrigerated Covers keep the cool circulating within the display units. It removes the unnecessary pressure from refrigerated units that need to work hard in order to provide round the clock cooling. Also, the refrigeration coverss allow refrigerated units to work normally without taking any pressure. Covered displays retain optimal temperature for longer durations leading to lesser requirement of defrosting. Also, it doesn’t allow condensation that can create a suitable environment for germs and bacteria to take birth. But refrigeration coverss can keep food items 100% safe in display units.

Retail storeowners save energy and goods and buyers get fresh foods all the time. Using refrigeration coverss on display units is beneficial for both the retail units and shoppers.