How Do Supermarkets Cut Down On Trim?

Preventing Unnecessary Spoilage Leads To More Sustainable Operations

A case study on a leading grocery store revealed that the store saved up to 75% of trim waste with Refrigeration Covers. Use of Refrigeration Covers during close hours saved a good amount to the store. Also, it recovered its investment on Refrigeration Covers within a couple of months.

Refrigeration Covers save labor time lost in rotating products in cooling displays to keep the fresh ones at the front and to locate the items that have lost their value.

How Grocery Store Refrigeration Covers Work

Refrigeration Covers Do More Than Just Save Energy

Retail outlets keep sensitive goods in controlled environment in display cases but the refrigeration in the cooling displays have to work harder to reduce the effect of hot air coming from outside. Use of Refrigeration Covers reflects the hot air to keep the refrigeration normal. It saves energy in the long run and improves shelf life of goods.

Refrigeration Covers with polyvinyl coating are easy to clean. They make a hygiene barrier before the display cabinets and protect the displays from airborne particles. Also, covering displays reduces buildup of moisture that is harmful for climate sensitive goods.

Additional Power Outage Protection

Keep Perishables Cool During Power Outages

Retail display refrigeration units keep working day and night but power outages can make them dysfunctional leading to increased trim waste. But you can prevent it happening to your store with the help of Refrigeration Covers.

With Refrigeration Covers, your trim waste due to discard and shrink will be reduced considerably. In other words, use of Refrigeration Covers will increase shelf life of products leading to more profit. Keep these factors in mind while making an opinion on Refrigeration Covers.

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